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Is It Time for a Remodel?

Is that once illustrious-looking backyard pool beginning to look a little more lackluster? Does the spa tile need an upgrade? Are you tired of red coping? Many of the fantastic pools of the late 80s are starting to need some love. Gone are the days of the same color palette three of your next-door neighbors have. Now is the time to look at your backyard and invest in something that has you looking out your picture window daily and appreciating your pool.

Before you jump all in, take a look at these questions and consider a few items:


1)   Search the internet and find pools that are pleasing to you.

2)   Is it time to add that sun ledge?

3)   Heighten the spa and add a spillover?

4)   Create a reflection from your favorite tree in the yard.

5)   Are you using the pool more for exercise?

6)   Do you want to add a swim in place to maximize space?

7)   Do the kids enjoy a slide?

8)   Do you want a private grotto?

9)   Do you host barbecues

10)  Do you want to add a full kitchen?

11)  Are you spending more time outside than inside?

12)  Are you watching the game from the pool?

13)  Do you need to add a shower before heading into the house?


These are just a few ideas to consider when looking at pool remodeling; the list is endless. Let your imagination run wild.


If you’re not up for a full-on change, but your pool needs a lift – Look at upgrading the finish on your pool. MMG Arizona is the premier PebbleTec® applicator for Tucson and now offers multiple options for finishes with aggregate that can provide your pool with beautiful sparkle and a smoother finish that will last,with proper maintenance, twenty years.

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