Velvety Finish

Vibrant Glass Beads Create Captivating Colors

PebbleBreeze™ is a velvety finish that combines the beauty and durability of our traditional pebble finishes with an exceptionally smooth polished surface. Vibrant glass beads create captivating colors while the infusion of Shimmering Sea provides a mesmerizing sparkle. With a PebbleTec® pool finish you receive a dependable, low-maintenance aggregate interior finish.

You are installing the very best – backed by a company renowned for its reputation and customer satisfaction. Once you’ve chosen your ideal pool finish texture, you’re ready to select the perfect water color for your dream pool. Our finishes offer an array of amazing pool water colors, ranging from icy light blues to deep ocean blues, emerald greens to rich blacksand grays, Caribbean blues to bright lagoon greens, and much more. As with all PebbleTec® brand pool finishes, only skilled installers licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc., can apply a PebbleTec® brand pool finish. A PebbleTec® poolfinish offers a unique, flexible design that will perfectly blend with landscaping and water features. Enduring natural elegance. Experience a spectrum of colors as the sunlight plays on the water throughout the day. Take a look at the colors offered and let us know if you have any questions.